Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks–Week 16 Edition

elow is the transcript for “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks,” which aired on WSGW’s First Day with Pat Johnston & Jessica Fleischman on Sunday, December 9, 2012.


It’s time for the most prestigious two-and-a-half minutes in Sunday talk radio.  That’s right sports fans, it’s time for the Week 16 edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW’s First Day.

After boasting a perfect Week 14, Week 15 didn’t treat me too kindly.  I finished with a disgraceful 1-2 record, thanks to the Patriots losing a December home game for the first time since 1912, and the Lions getting absolutely embarrassed by the Arizona Cardinals.  Why, oh why, do I keep making the repeated blunder of picking Lion victories?  When will I learn?

Now, my overall record for the season sits at 26-20.  Far from perfect, I grant you, but nothing to be ashamed of, too.  I’d like to reach 30 wins before the season begins, which is completely possible.

Jessica Fleischman mistakenly followed my footsteps last week, and also posted a 1-2 record.  We’ll see how she picks later in the hour.

It’s time for the Week 16 edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW!

We begin in the NFC West where the San Francisco 49ers will face the upstart Seattle Seahawks in a Sunday Night Showdown.  SeahawksWith a win tonight, the 49ers clinch the division, and most likely a first-round bye in the playoffs.  As I said earlier, San Fran achieved the near-impossible by holding-on for a 41-34 victory at New England.  They have a great defense, and an offense that can score points thanks to quarterback Colin Kaepernick (who proved me wrong last week).  The Seahawks, on the other hand, are on a hot streak.  They destroyed Buffalo 50-17 last Sunday, and Arizona 58-0 a few Sundays ago.  Yes, Seattle’s defense is equally lethal, but they also have a rookie quarterback of their own, Russell Wilson,  who has played some unbelievable football of late.  These two teams mirror each other, which is why it’s going to be a great one to watch tonight.  I’m leaning Seattle’s way because it’s in their house–Home of the 12th Man!


The Baltimore Ravens have dropped three straight games, and welcome-in the New York Football Giants in a big game for both Giantsteams.  Yes, the Ravens made the playoffs last week, despite getting smoked at home against the Denver Broncos.  However, the Baltimore still hasn’t been able to clinch the AFC North, and have the Cincinnati Bungles breathing down their neck.  The Giants also got blown-out in their last game against Atlanta.  They need a win to clinch at least a Wild Card sport.  Hard to make a pick, here, but I thinking the G-Men will prevail because they easily have the better quarterback with Eli Manning.  Plus, unlike the Ravens, the Giants know how to win big games.


No Lions to pick today since they played on Saturday Night.  So, let’s go with the Dallas Cowboys hosting the New Orleans Saints.  New-Orleans-SaintsThe Cowboys are in the mix with the Giants and Washington Redskins to win the NFC East.  They luckily defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to keep their playoff hopes alive last week.  While I say they got lucky, Dallas QB Tony Romo played a near flawless game against the Steelers, and he should put-up some good numbers against a weak Saints defense.  As for the Saints offense, quarterback Drew Brees has this offense operating in top form.  The Dallas defense is susceptible to allowing some big plays, and I expect the Saints to do just that.  The Cowboys need this game, but expect the Saints to thrive in their role as playoff spoilers.



That’s the Week 16 edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW’s First Day.



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