Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks–Championship Sunday Edition

This has been a dreadful season of prognosticating for your esteemed radio host/blogger.


For the first time ever, I finished a season with a below .500 record!  My playoff predictions have been equally appalling, as I got both games wrong last Sunday.

Is there anyway possible that I can save face, just a bit, and have a perfect Championship Sunday?

I have to honestly tell you, as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I despise this year’s AFC Championship game.  I really don’t have anything against the Denver Broncos.  I cheered for John Elway to stop the Green Bay Packers from repeating as champions in the Super Bowl XXXII.  And it’s nice to see the agony on Cleveland fans when you bring-up the name, “Elway.”  But now the Broncos have Peyton Manning, and I’m not a Peyton fan.  He’s a fine regular season quarterback, but is a choker in the playoffs–as evidenced in last year’s playoff loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

DenverBroncosOn the flip side, I thoroughly abhor the New England Patriots.  I don’t like Bill Bellicheat, I don’t like their stadium, and I really don’t like Tom Brady–even though I did when he quarterbacked at Michigan.  I can’t stomach the thought of watching owner Bob Kraft and Bellicheat raising another Lombardi Trophy.  So, please Petyon, make yourself useful for once!  The weather conditions appear to be ideal for Denver in January.  It’s set-up perfectly for you and your team to succeed.


On the NFC side, I think this is the real championship game.  The winner of this game walks away with the Lombardi.  Why?  Because both the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers play stellar defense.  They each boast physical running games.  If you want to beat them, you have to out-punch them for 60-minutes.  Both teams are built to win championships.

Of course, everyone is focusing on the coaching rivalry, and rightly so.  Seattle’s Pete Carroll and San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh have no love lost between them in a feud that’s continued since their USC-Stanford days.

SeahawksBut what makes this game so intriguing for die-hard football fans is that they are happy just to line up and run at each other.  Both teams will not give an inch, and points will be hard to come by.

May the best team win!  The best team might be Seattle, barely.


That’s the Championship Sunday edition of Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks!



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