Pat's Perfect NFL Picks 2013–Week 1

Below is the audio and transcript for this week’s “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks–2013 Edition” from today’s First Day show on WSGW.  I took the day-off from the show this week as I was visiting Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Notre Dame game.  So, I recorded this week’s picks, and I thank Charlie for filling-in on the show this week.

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Pat Football

It’s been a long, long, LONG time since I last got to share with you my keen knowledge in professional football on the show.  We’ve endured the cold winter Michigan months, the rain-soaked Michigan spring, and a stifling, sultry Michigan summer.  But we’ve made it to the September.  And, if it’s September, then it’s time for the moment you’ve been aching for ever since the last Super Bowl.

That’s right Sports Fans!  It’s time for the much-anticipated return of the eminent, ego-maniacal-driven, enigmatic, and dare I say, most exciting three-minutes in Sunday talk radio throughout this great land!  It’s time for the Week One edition of “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” on WSGW!

Before we move-on with this week’s picks, I have to acknowledge the shocking news that one of the greatest American actors of all-time has tacitly retired.  That’s right.  The one and only (thankfully) Jack Nicholson is no longer making movies at the age of 76.  He has decided to simply relax, and enjoy horrific L.A. Lakers basketball.  We’ll miss you Jack, but we’ll always have your movies.

A quick summary of what “Pat’s Perfect NFL Picks” is all about.  This is where I pick three games–including the Detroit Lions contest–in which I think are guaranteed locks.  Fortunately for my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, I refrain from picking their games because I usually jinx them.  No, I won’t pick easy games.  I need a challenge.  I demand a challenge.  I don’t use a spread, and my scores are usually closed to being dead-on.

You may be asking, how good is this Pat-guy at picking NFL games.  Well, last year I was 30-22, which is respectable, but not…PERFECT!!!  Expect me to be even better this season, I promise.

Here are this week’s picks!

sanfranWe begin in the NFC where the Green Bay Packers visit the defending NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers.  Are the Packers for real?  Have they done enough work with the offensive line to keep their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, standing upright?  How’s the Pack’s defense?  And what about the 49ers?  Are they going to suffer the proverbial Super Bowl Hangover?  They came so close to winning the organization’s sixth championship, but they allowed the Baltimore Ravens to win–something this Steelers fan is still irate about.  If this game happens at Lambeau Field, I would go with the Packers.  But Green Bay has to travel West, and I see the San Fran offense putting-up some serious points on a suspect Packers D.


Give Me The 49ers OVER The Packers–34-24.

Let’s next focus on an intriguing interconference showdown with the Cincinnati Bungles at the Chicago Bears.  Hopes are chicagobearshigh in Cincy that young quarterback Andy Dalton, along with a stout defense, will take that organization back to its first Super Bowl appearance since Michael Jackson’s Bad album was released.  In Chicagoland, Bears fans feel like this might be their year, as long as controversial and frustrating quarterback Jay Cutler can put together a good year.  If so, they might finally be doing the Super Bowl Shuffle.



Give Me ‘Da Bears OVER ‘Da Bungles–21-16.

And finally, you lovable losers, the Honolulu and Blue Machine–a machine’s that’s been rebuilding ever since the Lions1950’s–is getting ready to open-up the 2013 campaign at home against the Minnesota Vikings.  If you heard WSGW’s The Morning Team Show earlier in the week, my hopes for the Detroit Lions are, shall we say, low.  I’m forecasting nothing but frustration and agony for Lions’ fans this season, which will culminate in the instant removal of head coach Jim Schwartz.  This is a game the Lions desperately need to win, and it’s only WEEK 1!!!  Lose this one to the Vikings, and pack-it-up.  The Lions need this one, and I predict they will barely prevail thanks to a late Matt Stafford to Brandon Pettigrew touchdown pass.  For at least one week, the loveable Lions will feel like winners.


Give Me The Lions OVER The Vikings 28-23.

Those are my Week One “Pat’s Perfect Picks” on WSGW’s First Day!!!

Charlie Rood, I’m turning it back to you, and I hope Hilary brought you a doughnut today.



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