Parking and Security Upgrades Completed at Saginaw’s Ojibway Island

Parking and security upgrades have been completed at Saginaw’s Ojibway Island. The City of Saginaw has announced that a new parking area at the front of the park is now open. The front gate of Ojibway Island has been closed since April due to safety and security issues. City staff researched ways to expand parking and access on the island, and spent the summer making the changes.

The upgrades include the paved area for parking near the entrance to the island. Barriers have been placed to keep the drive safe for walkers and bicyclists. The barriers can be removed for approved special events and large gatherings. New security cameras have also been installed throughout the island.

“I want to thank the city staff who completed much of this work, said Public Works Director Phil Karwat. “We now have 19 additional parking spaces in the front to allow additional access to the island. We know how popular Ojibway Island is for outdoor exercise, recreation and public events. We feel this is the most practical and beneficial option that works for the island at this time. It will create additional spaces at the front of the park for ice fishermen in the winter, and allow easy access in the warmer months for families and individuals to enjoy a run, bike ride, or picnic.”

City Manager Tim Morales commented, “Our primary goal was to create a more secure environment. We have an obligation to ensure the safety of the citizens and guests who visit Ojibway, and protect the beautiful island park from any costly damage. I appreciate the members of our city staff that put the time and effort into this project.”

There’s more information about the upgrades on the City of Saginaw’s website: