Pair awaiting extradition in Saginaw jail on homicide charges in Kansas

29-year-old Kallie Peters and 33-year-old Steven Pierce are being held in Saginaw County Jail awaiting extradition to Junction City, Kansas to face homicide charges. The pair was arrested by Saginaw police and charged with felonious assault among other charges. Michigan State Police added fugitive from justice charges when it was found that the pair were connected to the murder of an elderly couple in Kansas. 75-year old Valerie Krissman and 80-year old Roland Krissman were found dead in their home after a welfare check.

Pierce was jailed on March 15th on two counts of felonius assault, and a charge of assault and battery. Peters was also arrested at that same time and charged with two counts of felonious assault, two counts of assaulting a police officer/resisting/obstructing, and a charge of policious distruction of property.

A connection between the elderly couple and Peters and Pierce has not been disclosed, and details of the homicide have not been released.