Owosso Barber’s License Suspended for Violating Order to Stay Closed

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office has suspended the license of Owosso barber Karl Manke, who reopened his shop on May 4 despite Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order to close during the coronavirus pandemic.

A judge ordered a hearing this week before he would rule on the state’s request to close down the business. Instead, state regulators decided to suspend both his barber license and shop license.  Manke’s attorney called it an “abuse of power.”

“Mr. Manke’s actions in violating Gov. Whitmer’s executive orders as well as other health orders put the public at risk for contracting COVID-19,” Attorney General Dana Nessel said. “Anytime you have a barber or other professional providing services to numerous citizens in close proximity to each other and those citizens are then returning to their various residences, there is a risk of contracting and spreading the virus. It is paramount that we take action to protect the public and do our part to help save lives.”