Outdoor Speakers and Public Wifi Coming to Downtown Midland

Midland’s Downtown Development Authority has approved a new sound system and public wifi access for the downtown area.

The proposal by Town and Country Group includes installing 15 outdoor-durable speakers rated for 10 to 15 years.

Some elements of the sound system would be supported by the presence of public wifi, which DDA Community Affairs Director Selina Tisdale says would also enhance visitor and resident access to information on downtown dining and shopping opportunities; while bringing better capacity to introduce additional equipment like street security cameras in future plans.

Wifi coverage would be primarily south of Ellsworth Street, stretching from Fitzhugh Street to the Poseyville Bridge.

A one-time investment for both the sound system and public wifi implementation, including the equipment and installation, totals approximately $105000, with a combined annual maintenance cost just over of $7,200 dollars per year.

Approved unanimously, the DDA plans to reallocate $98,000 from current budget projects, and allow for the maintenance cost to be assigned from either the current year’s contingency funding or from the 2021-22 fiscal year’s project funding for any contingencies.