Out In Left Field With Pat Johnston Blog Show–Feb 8, 2013

It’s Friday!!!  Not only does that mean it’s the end of another long work week, but I have the perfect way for you to cap-it-off: Listen to the second installment of my blog radio show, Out In Left Field with Pat Johnston!!!

pat-onairIn case you missed it last Friday, Out In Left Field is my 30-minute blog radio show where I conduct interviews, and rant about subjects ranging in the world of politics, sports, and pop culture.  I plan-on providing a new episode of this blog show each and every Friday afternoon.

This week, I deal with football, transvaginal ultrasounds, and the so-called “War On Men.”

In Part One of the show, which you can click to hear below, I discuss the Super Bowl and whether or not liberals want to ruin the new American Pastime.  After that, I talk with Jessica Tramontana from the political group, Progress Michigan, about how and why the Michigan GOP wants (or wanted) to press for legislation mandating transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion.

Part 1 of “Out In Left Field with Pat Johnston–Feb 8, 2013

Special thanks to Jessica Tramontana for joining the show.

On the second part of the program, I talk with conservative social commentator Suzanne Venker.  Suzanne made some waves late last year with her “War On Men” column, and now has a new book called, “How To Choose a Husband.”

After the interview, I leave you with a song before I go.

Part TWO of “Out In Left Field with Pat Johnston” on Feb 8, 3013

Special thanks to Suzanne Venker for being on the show.

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Have a great weekend!



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