OpenAI has unveiled new privacy options for ChatGPT, the company announced on Tuesday. “ChatGPT users can now turn off chat history, allowing you to choose which conversations can be used to train our models,” the company said in a press release. 

Once toggled off, the conversations will no longer appear in the user’s conversation history sidebar.

OpenAI hopes that this new feature provides users an “easier way to manage your data than our existing opt-out process.” The company said that when a user disables their chat history, OpenAI will retain conversations for 30 days to review “only when needed for abuse” before permanently deleting them from the system.

The company also announced that they are working on a “ChatGPT Business” subscription for those who need further control over data management. OpenAI said that by default, user data from their business subscription would not be used to train models, and that they plan to make the subscription available “in the coming months.”

Additionally, OpenAI introduced a new “export” option in settings, which allows users to export their ChatGPT data, and then receive an email with their conversation history and other relevant information.