Officers Save Life Of Woman Jumping From Bridge

On Saturday May 7 th , 2022 at approximately 3:50 PM Saginaw Police Officers responded to 911 calls in reference to a woman attempting to end her life by jumping from the Rust St. Bridge into the Saginaw River. Officer’s Brad Holp, Roger Pate, Casey Stadler, Brandon Jebb and Jordan Bady along with MSP Trooper Roy and Saginaw Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Jim Fourman responded and blocked off traffic to the bridge.

Officers attempted to speak with the woman and convince her to come back over the ledge for approximately 15 minutes to no avail. The 50 year old woman was distraught and began to jump from the bridge. Officers immediately lunged after her grabbing her leg while others held on to the railings. Officers were able to tie a rope around her waist and pull her back over the ledge.

Officers were also able to get the woman transported to a local area hospital for much needed psychiatric care.

Saginaw Police Information Officer Sergeant Matt Gerow said this was excellent coordinated work by everyone involved including Saginaw County Central Dispatch Operator Amy Kaylor who coordinated the rescue efforts behind the scenes.

Gerow said it was a great job by everyone involved in the rescue.