Officer Involved Shooting in Buena Vista Township

An off duty Bunea Vista Township Police officer escaped injury when several shots were fired at him as he drove in the area of 25th and Lapeer about 5:45 a.m. Sunday, May 31.

The officer was traveling east bound on Lapeer followed by a white Jeep with a black top with three or four occupants. The occupants of the Jeep shot multiple rounds at the officer while in transit. The officer was able to speed ahead and took a position in an attempt to gain a better visual of the suspects.

The Jeep stopped and one passenger got out and shot multiple rounds in the direction of the officer, who fired one round back at the suspects and they fled the area.

The officer was not hurt or injured and it is unknown at this time if the suspects were injured.

Chief Reggie Williams said “I don’t know if my officer was specifically targeted or if this was a random act. As Chief of Buena Vista Public Safety Department, I can only speak for my officers and firefighters who serve as your public servants. They are good and I stand for and with them as well I stand for and with my community. I will not tolerate acts of violence towards my officers, nor will I tolerate it towards or within my community.”

This is an ongoing investigation. If you have any information please contact Buena Vista Police Department.