Nurses at MyMichigan Health Alma Vote to Go On Strike

An overwhelming majority of nurses at MyMichigan Alma voted to give their elected Registered Nurse bargaining team the ability to call for a strike Wednesday.

97 percent voted in favor of the strike, with around 150 nurses working at the hospital. A ten day notice would be provided before any strike begins.

Nurses at MyMichigan Alma have been working under an expired contract since November. According to the Michigan Nurse Association, there are more than 50,000 RNs with active Michigan licenses who are currently not working as nurses, contradicting claims there is a nursing shortage. MyMichigan Alma RNs say that they hope that their next contract will be competitive enough to be able to draw nurses back to the bedside to fill vacancies, as well to retain nurses who are still at the hospital.

Negotiations between the union’s RNs and MyMichigan executives will resume on February 1. Nurses at McLaren Central Hospital in Mount Pleasant will vote Thursday on whether to give their elected bargaining team the ability to call for a strike.