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Some states in the Northeast will soon see its first significant snowfall of the season beginning Friday night through Saturday, the National Weather Service forecasts. The low-pressure winter storm is brought on by a combination of factors, including a storm system from Canada.

The Adirondacks, Green and White Mountains, as well as parts of northern Maine, are forecast to see more than 8 inches of snow with localized amounts of over one foot this weekend, the weather service predicts. The heavy snow is predicted to be accompanied with gusty winds of up to 40 miles per hour in some areas with snow rates exceeding 1 inch of snowfall per hour at times. 

Temperatures are forecast to stay below average across the entire eastern coast and freeze warnings have been issued Friday for areas in the southeast, including parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia until Saturday. Portions of the interior Northeast and northern New England area are under winter weather advisories for snow, which means people may have to cope with slippery snow-covered roads and limited visibility. 

“Freezing temperatures can be dangerous for people and animals without reliable access to warm shelter,” the National Weather Service advised. “Frost and freeze conditions can kill sensitive crops and other vegetation.”

Residents traveling in affected areas are recommended to slow down, use caution and allow for extra time. The weather service also cautions people to wrap, drain or allow pipes to drip slowly to prevent water pipes from freezing or bursting. And those with tender plants are told to take steps to protect them now. 

The northeast storm originated from multiple factors, including a system earlier this week from the Pacific Northwest and a pressure disturbance coming out of Canada that has affected parts of the Great Lakes and Midwest, a representative at the National Weather Service Prediction Center told CBS News.