North Korea: How would you advise President Trump?


The longtime concern of North Korea developing nuclear weapons was heightened the past few days.   President Trump sent an aircraft carrier to the region, North Korea attempted to launch another test missile, and Vice President Pence was in South Korea stating “all options are on the table”.

Should there be a concern?   Are you concerned?

POLL QUESTION:   If you could advise President Trump on North Korea what would you tell him?
– Do nothing, just continue the status that has existed for years
– Push China to lead the way toward a solution
– Engage in preventative cyber attacks only
– Engage in preventative missle attacks
– Wait until North Korea attacks another country and then respond accordingly
– I Don’t Know

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PREVIOUS POLL:   Do you support or oppose the airstrikes on Syria and what about Congress authorizing further action?
I support the airstrikes and I’m not concerned about Congress authorizing further action – 62%
I support the airstrikes, but want Congress to authorize any further action – 22%
I don’t support airstrikes unless Congress authorizes – 8%
I don’t support airstrikes, period – 3%
I don’t know – 5%



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