▶ Watch Video: Nonprofit fulfills wishes for wounded veterans

After a mortar blast in Iraq left Chris Kind with a brain injury, and later post traumatic stress disorder, the Army veteran said he struggled with returning to civilian life when he returned home.

“It was just hard adjusting to that, you know, to that new norm,” Kind told CBS News.

The father of five said he found joy again through gardening — but the burns that covered 65% of his body prevented him from being outside in the midday sun. 

That’s when Hope For The Warriors — a nonprofit organization that offers assistance to veterans — stepped in and gifted Kind with a $10,000 greenhouse.

It’s one of more than 250 wishes Hope for Warriors has granted veterans, ranging from woodworking equipment to family vacations.

“To be able to grant a wish? That’s really cool,” said Robin Kelleher, Hope For The Warriors CEO and Co-Founder. “And to know that it’s life changing.”

Now, Kind is living up to his name, using his gardening skills to spread joy to others.

“The biggest thing about growing this stuff and making me feel good is just giving it away to other people, man,” Kind said.