▶ Watch Video: New video may reveal additional gunmen in Miami shooting

Recently released surveillance video reveals the possibility of an additional shooter or shooters in the attack that killed two people and injured more than 20 others after a rap concert in South Florida on Sunday. 

The Miami-Dade Police Department previously released another video of the SUV used in the shooting that showed three masked men armed with assault-style rifles and handguns running around a corner and opening fire on a crowd. Police recovered the SUV, which was reported stolen two weeks earlier after it was abandoned in a canal. 

The newest clip shows what appear to be flashes of gunfire from another vehicle in the parking lot. 

In a statement Wednesday, Miami-Dade police acknowledged the footage: “We are aware of the video that is circulating on social media platforms and detectives are investigating the possibility of multiple shooters.” 

Detectives believe the attack was part of a dispute between two groups with innocent concert-goers caught in the crossfire. One of those concert-goers, Ka’Dedra Thomas, was shot three times in the back. 

“It really felt like I was in a movie, and seeing people dropping like that? It was females, people like me who had nothing to do with it. You’re going to shoot into a whole crowd of people? That’s wicked,” Thomas said. 

Clayton Dillard III, 26, was one of two people pronounced dead at the scene. His father was emotional during a police news conference Monday. “You all killed my kid,” the man said. “You must burn.”

Police are still searching for the suspects. 

Meg Oliver contributed reporting.