▶ Watch Video: New federal safety standard approved for potentially hazardous infant sleep products

After the deaths of more than 100 babies in unregulated infant sleepers, the Consumer Products Safety Commission will now set safety standards for the products.

The regulating body said the move will “effectively eliminate” potentially hazardous sleep products for infants under 5 months old.

Many infant sleep products have been unregulated until now — but they will now face similar regulations to cribs and bassinets. 

Consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports has linked them to at least 106 infant deaths

Roughly one in three American families own one or more of these products that were never previously regulated, according to federal regulators. 

The new rules will cover any inclined sleep products, along with in-bed sleepers and baby boxes for infants up to 5 months old. That covers any product referencing “sleep, snooze, dream, or nap” and anything that depicts sleeping or can be described as a bed.

Millions of these inclined products have been voluntarily recalled, including the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper — the CPSC linked these to more than 30 deaths. More than 5 million Rock ‘n Plays were recalled.

In 2019, CBS News Consumer Investigative Correspondent Anna Werner spoke with two couples whose infants died in Rock ‘n Plays.

“He was our little baby, our little cuddle buddy,” one grieving father said.

Another mother said, “I would like to raise awareness. There are still people out there using the Rock ‘n Play sleeper our children died in.”

Despite the recalls, a 10-minute online search by CBS News revealed more than 50 recalled incline sleepers for sale on Facebook Marketplace. 

A Facebook spokesperson told CBS News those postings violated company policies prohibiting the sale of recalled goods, and have been removed.

Fisher-Price said in a statement, “Product safety is our highest priority. We voluntarily recalled the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper more than two years ago and worked hard to promote consumer awareness of the recall.”

 “We vigilantly monitor secondary marketplaces and work hard to remove listings we have identified. To date, we have been effective in removing the vast majority of these listings on Facebook Marketplace and other reseller sites.  Fisher-Price strongly encourages consumers to participate in the recall remedy at www.service.mattel.com. Federal law prohibits the resale of recalled products,” the company said.

Experts are warning parents to stop using their products if they have them — and not to sell or donate them. They recommend reaching out to the company for a refund or voucher.