Police in Florida on Wednesday released new images of a “person of interest” three days after a married couple was stabbed to death while riding their bicycles home.  Daytona Beach Police said they were still searching for a suspect and released new photos in a bid to seek help from the public.

On Tuesday, police released video, apparently of the same man, walking along the street just after midnight Sunday. He is seen wearing a gray tank top, beige scarf, white pants, red gloves and a black cowboy hat. He is also seen wearing a backpack.

Police identified the victims of Sunday’s attack as 48-year-old Terry Aultman and 55-year-old Brenda Aultman. First responders found the bodies “covered in blood and with multiple stab wounds and lacerations to their bodies,” police said.

Investigators said two witnesses, one of whom called 911, found the man lying face-down on his chest and the woman lying face-up on her back in a grassy area next to a sidewalk. Police said both victims had their throats slashed.

“This is probably one of the most vicious and gruesome incidents that I’ve witnessed in my 20 years,” Daytona Police Chief Jakari Young told reporters. “We can’t rule out that this may be totally random, but if it is totally random, the person responsible has to be deranged.”

Two bicycles were discovered near the bodies and they are being processed for evidence, officials said. Investigators said the couple were riding their bicycles home after participating in Bike Week festivities when they were attacked.

A GoFundMe page launched by the couple’s daughter has raised more than $9,000. “I’m still in denial of the gruesome reality,” Sara Turner wrote on the fundraising page.

Terry Aultman and Brenda Aultman


One neighbor told WKMG-TV that police asked to view video recorded by cameras at her home.

“They knocked on my door at 2:15 in the morning, the detectives, because they wanted to get the videos off of my cameras,” she said. “(The deaths are) disturbing, certainly, and (the officers) were really upset. They said it was horrendous.”