Neighbors Can Help Reduce Package Theft

Although the incidence is low in Bay County so far, the Bay City Department of Public Safety expects to receive more complaints of package thefts as the holiday season draws closer.

Newly appointed assistant public safety director Rod Schenck says having a good relationship with neighbors is one way to keep thieves from stealing your packages. He says if you can’t be home to receive a delivery, ask neighbors to accept it for you, or get a locking box specific for package deliveries. He says the main thing is to be aware of who is in your neighborhoods and call police if you see anything suspicious.

Schenck says oftentimes people also have packages delivered to their worksite or offices, or have a designated delivery location to help curb porch pirates. Those who are home during the day can also keep an eye on the neighborhood and if they see someone acting suspicious, contact the police department for help.