▶ Watch Video: Shooter at Nashville school kills 6 people, including 3 children

The assailant in the Nashville school shooting legally bought seven firearms from five stores before Monday’s deadly attack, the city’s police chief said Tuesday afternoon. The shooter used three of those weapons in the rampage, killing six people.

During a brief press conference, Nashville Police Chief John Drake said the parents of the shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, were unaware she had access to so many guns.

“They felt that she had one weapon and that she sold it,” Drake told reporters.

Police spokesman Don Aaron said the purchases were made “over the past couple of years.” Drake said the weapons were hidden from the shooter’s parents.

The assailant had also been receiving treatment for an “emotional disorder,” the police chief said. The treatment hadn’t been reported to authorities, Drake said.

“Her parents felt that she should not own weapons,” he said.

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