▶ Watch Video: Class-action lawsuit filed against Dr. Derrick Todd for alleged sex assaults

More than 85 women are suing a former doctor at Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital and other various local hospitals for alleged sexual abuse.

While Dr. Derrick Todd, a rheumatologist, practiced “primary care” on patients at Brigham and other local hospitals, he performed inappropriate pelvic examinations, breast examinations and rectal examinations, court documents filed in Suffolk County Superior Court on Wednesday said.

Former Brigham and Women’s Dr. Derrick Todd

CBS Boston

These examinations were performed for “his own sexual gratification,” the class action lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit is the third filed in the last two weeks against Todd, CBS Boston reported. The first was filed by an anonymous plaintiff on Sept. 29, and the second was filed by former patient Mimi DiTrani on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

DiTrani told CBS Boston that she went to see Todd because “he has a specialist in very rare autoimmune rheumatological conditions, which I have.” Rather than perform MRIs on her bones, though, she said he insisted on repeated gynecological exams and breast exams.

The number of women joining the third lawsuit stands at more than 85 and is expected to rise further, the plaintiffs’ attorney told CBS News on Thursday afternoon. Paperwork filed on Wednesday covered at least 70 former patients with lead plaintiff Nancy Larsen.

Brigham Hospital started investigating Todd in April after receiving two anonymous complaints about examinations, said Brigham’s Chief Medical Officer Charles Morris in a statement to CBS News. He was placed on administrative leave while the hospital was investigating, Morris said. 

After the hospital learned more, they fired Todd in July and notified his former patients in addition to the Department of Public Health and the Board of Registration in Medicine, Morris said. The hospital also contacted law enforcement. 

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office told CBS News they had no comment when asked if they were investigating the allegations.

Morris said the hospital “deeply regrets the harm Dr. Todd’s actions have caused our patients and their families,” and the hospital will “act decisively on any allegations of misconduct.”  

An attorney for Dr. Todd, Ingrid S. Martin said in a statement to CBS News that the doctor has been “fully cooperative” with all the investigations and that “these allegations will be proven to be without merit.”