A 22-year-old mother has died after a house in a Missouri town exploded earlier this week. Myranda Gale Golden is the third person killed in the explosion, according to the Mississippi County Sheriff’s office.

Golden died Friday, four days after the incident. Her 3-year-old daughter died Thursday, and her significant other, Corey Coleman, died in the immediate aftermath of the Monday explosion, the sheriff’s office said in statements posted to its Facebook page.

The seven other people who were injured remain in the hospital, but all are in stable condition, the sheriff’s office said Friday. One of the other victims was previously identified as Golden and Coleman’s 6-month-old child.

“Please pray for this family and everyone who was involved in this incident,” Sheriff Britton Ferrell wrote Friday. “This incident was beyond tragic and struck this community hard.”

On Tuesday, investigators determined propane gas was likely leaking from a gas stove or gas water heater. The gas filled the house in Wyatt, Missouri, and something ignited it, causing the explosion. 

The sheriff’s office said the incident was an accident, adding no drugs or foul play were suspected.

An investigation is ongoing.

The sheriff’s office reminded people that if something smells like rotten eggs or gas, leave the house or building and call the utility company or emergency services. Also, if you have gas appliances in your home, be sure to periodically check them for leaks. You should also have a fire, carbon monoxide and natural/propane gas detectors in your home.

Victoria Albert contributed reporting.