More Emails

Gee whiz.  Surprise…Surprise…Surprise.  Another 100,00 emails have miraculously appeared, and the media is off to the races.

On the one hand, this is exactly how the founding fathers expected the media to act.  Be a watchdog on government to prevent tyranny., to prevent oppression and to insure compliance with the constitution.

Somewhere between our founding fathers and today the media has become politicized.  It begs the question “who’s watching the watchdog?’.

It is time for the media, congress and the executive branch to grow up.  We send these so called educated people to do our bidding, and instead they act like children.

We are bombarded by what…when…why…how…who…etc., etc., etc,.  I am to the point of almost not caring, and that is a dangerous position.  If we all don’t care then government is free to do as they please without fear of repercussions.  That surely would lead to a much less free society not able to hold it’s representative accountable.

Ain’t life grand?



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