The City of Milwaukee has approved a $750,000 settlement for Sterling Brown, more than three years after the NBA player was tased by police during a run-in with officers over a parking violation. The motion was passed unanimously by the Common Council, 14-0.

Brown was a member of the Milwaukee Bucks at the time but now plays for the Houston Rockets.

On January 26, 2018, an officer approached Brown after he illegally parked across two handicap spots outside a Walgreen’s. Several officers arrived at the scene and a struggle ensued. Video of the arrest showed officers taking Brown to the ground and shocking him with a Taser.  

Brown was arrested but never charged. Soon after the arrest, he played an NBA game with visible bruises on his face. He later sued the city, claiming the officers used excessive force.

Brown agreed to a settlement with the city last November, but it was only made official on Tuesday.

According to CBS Milwaukee affiliate WDJT, the agreement requires changes to seven policing procedures in addition to the monetary considerations. Among them: Officers will have to report when they pull their firearms out.

Though Brown’s lawyer requested it, the agreement does not include an admission that Brown’s constitutional rights were violated.

Mark Thomsen, Brown’s attorney, issued a statement to WDJT calling the settlement a “significant step forward in Milwaukee’s history.”

“At the end of the day, Mr. Brown wanted to implement policy and he did. And rather than holding out for the admission for himself, changing the future for young people, people of color in this city, was crucial,” said Thomsen.

According to WDJT, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission will receive the changes presented in the agreement, which is expected to be signed by the mayor alongside Brown.