MIFSM Claims Saginaw Co. Pathologist Is Unqualified, Controller Proves Otherwise

Did a Saginaw County medical pathologist fake his resume to get the job? County Controller Robert Bellman says ‘no.”

Even after the breakup earlier this year, the Michigan Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine says Saginaw County shouldn’t be working with Dr. Russell Bush.

In a release shared earlier this week- the forensic institute claims Dr. Bush incorrectly represented himself to work as a medical pathologist, leading to his firing last fall.

Because of the firing, the county voided its contract with the institute in January.

That required the county to bring all death-related services in-house.

One problem with the claim made by the MIFSM: Belleman says Bush was never in the role they claimed he lied to get into.

Logo: Michigan Institute of Forensic Medicine

He says not only is the information shared by the MIFSM false, but it’s irrelevant. That’s because Dr. Bush, a medical examiner who had been working for the county for some time prior to the MIFSM contract, was never in the Medical pathologist role, as the group claims he lied to get, and had never been asked to perform any related duties like autopsies.

In addition to that clarification, Belleman added that Dr. Bush will remain with the county in his examiner role as all pathology needs have been outsourced to Sparrow health services in Lansing.

Belleman says despite an offer by the institute to resume the voided contract (dependent on another firing of Dr. Bush), the county will continue its privatization efforts.