MidMichigan Health Seeks Participants in Women’s Clinical Cardiac Trial

MidMichigan Health is participating in a new clinical cardiac trial targeted at women who are experiencing chest pain and other signs of ischemia, but who have not been found to have significant coronary artery disease. Many times these women are released from cardiac care and labeled as normal, even though they may continue to experience cardiac symptoms. These symptoms may include pain in the back, arms or jaw; shortness of breath, fatigue, lightheadedness, and heart palpitations.

The WARRIOR study is designed to determine how to best treat these women. The study, which will include 4,422 participants, is led by researchers at the University of Florida. MidMichigan Health Cardiologist Femi Showole, D.O., F.A.C.C., will serve as the local lead investigator in Midland.

Dr. Femi Showole (source: MidMichigan health)

“The main purpose of this randomized, research study is to determine if intensive medical treatment to modify risk factors is more effective than routine medical care in women who have signs and symptoms of suspected ischemia, but no evidence of significant blockages in their coronary arteries,” said Dr. Showole.

The study participants who undergo intensive medical treatment will receive a high dose statin, and moderate dose of an ACE-I (lisinopril) or ARB (losartan). Aspirin will also be recommended to participants without contraindications or bleeding risk. These participants will also receive lifestyle counseling, quality of life questionnaires, and face-time with site staff to reduce bias.

This clinical trial is really aimed at reducing a woman’s likelihood of dying, having a heart attack or stroke/TIA, or being hospitalized for cardiac reasons. “The overall results of this study will provide the data necessary to determine future guidelines regarding how best to treat this growing population of patients,” said Dr. Showole. “Our ultimate goal is to improve the patient’s cardiac health and quality of life.”

Eligible participants for this study include women over the age of 18 who have experienced symptoms of chest pain within the past five years and who have undergone a coronary CT or cardiac catheterization. These diagnostic tests would have had to indicate that there were no significant coronary artery blockages.

Those who would like additional information on the WARRIOR study or to find out if they qualify to participate may contact MidMichigan’s Clinical Research Office at (989) 631-2469 or by email at [email protected].