Midland Releases 2022 Water Quality Report

The City of Midland released its 2022 Water Quality Report, with findings that the City was well within EPA compliance.

The report says across more than 16,500 service lines, there were no violations of guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency. The water distribution system for the city and surrounding townships reported substances like Chlorine, TTHM’s, and Haloacetic Acids, which are used to disinfect water, were well below maximum allowable levels. Copper and lead levels at customers’ taps were also reportedly well below actionable levels, with the city reporting 0 lead service lines, but around 4,800 unknown.

Midland gets its water from Lake Huron through a cooperative effort with the city of Saginaw called the Saginaw-Midland Water Supply Corporation, and the city says the water treatment plant can process 48 million gallons of water each day. The full report can be found at cityofmidlandmi.gov/archive.