Midland Police Warning of Phone Scam Involving Bitcoin

Police in Midland are warning of a phone scam that’s been reported in the area recently.

According to the Midland Police Department, residents have reported a scam in which the caller impersonates a member of local law enforcement and tells the victim they have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear for jury duty. Police say the scammer tells the victim to deposit money at a Bitcoin ATM in the Midland area, and may even tell them to bring a receipt to the Law Enforcement Center.

Officials warn the call may appear to come from “Midland Law Enforcement” or even “Midland Police Department” and the scammers use the names of local law enforcement to make it sound more legitimate. The police department says it will never call to ask for money or demand payment for legal concerns.

Anyone who has fallen victim to the scam can file a police report at the Midland Law Enforcement Center or by calling (989) 631-5624.