Midland Mayor Delivers State of the City Address

Business leaders from the Midland area gathered to hear the annual State of the City address on Wednesday. Mayor Maureen Donker addressed the group, highlighting some of the achievements and challenges the city of Midland has faced over the last year, focusing on those projects that are ongoing and still require the city’s attention.

She says one area that’s being looked at is Midland’s fire department.

“We have asked City staff to complete a thorough review of the fire department to identify what we do well, what changes might be warranted, and what options we have for service delivery moving forward,” said Donker. “We have engaged the help of the Center for Public Safety Management, which is a consulting firm that specializes in public safety reviews, and we expect to hear back from them later this month.”

Donker also spoke about the city’s ongoing Concept 5 Storm Sewer Improvement project and efforts to get public input on the draft of the new master plan.

View Mayor Donker’s full address here.