Midland Landfill to Raise Fees After Nearly 30 Years

After a unanimous vote by city council, Midland will be raising fees at it’s Landfill for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Fees were last raised in 1993, and were later reduced in 2003- but this time, unfortunately, Midland Public Services Director Karen Murphy says she doesn’t see that happening again.

Why? She says over the last 30 years regulation requirements and related charges have increased at both the State (EGLE) and Federal (EPA) levels.

Murphy says the landfill is funded by disposal fees, and, as a non profit, those funds are needed in order to sustain long-range expenses like opening new landfill cell space as other areas fill up.

On the matter of the Midland County Residential Self-Haul waste disposal increase; she adds that while the price is going up from $5.50 to $12,  the average city resident will continue to get a monthly free 3-cubic-yard disposal allotment- but most who go out of their way to dispose of items at the landfill outside of their waste collection day drop off separately-charged bulky items.

New rates go into effect for City of Midland residents July 1st, and surrounding partnered townships January 1st.

Unlike the 30 year span between previous rate hikes, these new rates will be evaluated annually.

Rate Changes:

  • Abestos Disposal: increasing from $12/yd3 to $18/yd3
  • Yard Waste: increasing from $3/yd3
  • Medical Waste Bulk: increasing from $10/yd3 to $12/yd3
  • Demolition debris: increasing from $10/yd3 to $12/yd3
  • Compacted Waste – Residential and Commercial: increasing from $8.50/yd3 to $9.75/yd3
  • Contaminated Soil: increasing from $12/yd3 to $16/yd3
  • Foundry Sand: increasing from $10/yd3 to $13/yd3 Grit and Rags: increasing from $5.50/ to $13/
  • Industrial Waste: increasing from $10/yd3 to $13/yd3
  • Main Break Soils: increasing from $10/yd3 to $11/yd3
  • Sanitary Sewer Debris: Increasing from $5.50/yd3 to $13/yd3
  • Storm water catch basin: increasing from $5.50 to $13
  • Street Dirt: increasing from $10 to $11
  • Freon Appliance disposal; increasing from $7 each to $15 each
  • Passenger Vehicle tire disposal: increasing from $5 each to $10 each
  • Heavy Equipment Tire/ Commercial Tire disposal: increasing from $15 each to $30 each
  • Medical Waste Sharps container disposal: increasing from $3 each to $10 each
  • Wastewater/ Water plant sludge disposal: increasing from $10/yd3 to $13/yd3
  • Scrap Metal disposal (no Freon): staying at $3 (per slides shared at city council)
  • Midland County resident Self-Haul regular waste disposal service (soft, tied garbage bags): still allotted 3yd3 free per month
  • Self-haul services (after exceeding 3yd3, no tires, sharps, or Freon appliance)s: increasing from $5.50 to $12

The Landfill is also looking to begin offering services including-

  • Battery pack service- for Trailers w/o power: $20
  • Pull Off service (pull loads out of trailer): $30
  • Scrape Out Service (Scrape load out of trailer): $40

Fees for certain disposals will have minimums including

  • Asbestos, contaminated soil, industrial waste: charged 2/ minimum
  • Demolition debris: charged 1/ minimum
  • No minimum for self-haul Midland county residents

Other specific items have also been listed to have special handling fees.