An update has been released on a Christmas eve garage fire in Midland, resulting in the death of one man and severe burns to two Midland Police officers.

Around 11:13pm, Midland Police responded to the 1500 Block of West Union for a Domestic Assault complaint, but, on arrival one of the involved parties, a 49 year old Midland man, was found in a detached garage dousing himself with fuel.

Officer’s reacted quickly, attempting to grab onto the man before he could ignite himself.

During this attempt the individual caught fire, which spread to the officers and the rest of the garage.

The three were able to get out of the garage as it became engulfed in flames.

All three were transported to the emergency room, where he 49-year old man succumbed to his injuries and passed away over the weekend.

Injuries to the officers were very serious, but non-life threatening.

This incident is still under investigation and anyone with more information on the matter is asked to call the Midland Detective Bureau at (989)631-4244.