Midland Firefighters Promoted

Three firefighters in Midland have moved up the ladder.

The fire department announced Friday that Mark Laux was promoted to battalion chief in December. Laux joined the Midland Fire Department in 2006, and was promoted to truck operator in 2013 and lieutenant in 2017.

Bob Hoffman was promoted to lieutenant back in November, after joining the fire department in 2010.

Finally, Jim Daveluy achieved the rank of lieutenant in December. Daveluy joined the department in 2014 and was made a truck operator in 2020.

“Each of these dedicated public servants plays a vital role in making Midland a safe community for our residents and visitors,” said Midland Fire Department Chief Joshua Mosher. “We are grateful for their commitment to the City of Midland and the Midland Fire Department and look forward to their continued exemplary service in these new roles.”