[Update @02:21] Dams appear structurally sound at this time.  Evacuations still recommended around the lake for significant flooding concerns. Midland County Emergency Management has been working with Boyce Hydro to further assess the situation at the Edenville and Sanford Dams. At this time, Boyce reports they are structurally sound but they are unable to control or contain the amount of water that is flowing through the spillgates. The flooding concerns are still substantial for residents along the Sanford and Wixom Lake. For the safety of the residents, Midland County Public Safety and Emergency Management are continuing evacuations of those areas. Again- If residents do not have a place to go, shelters have been set up at Coleman High School (4951 N. Lewis) and Meridian Elementary School (3353 N. Meridian).



[5/19, 12:22 AM], Edenville Township residents are being instructed by Midland County 911 to evacuate their homes due to “Imminent Dam Failure” upstream.

Anyone in the affected areas are being advised to vacate to seek shelter at Meridian Junior High School (3475 N. Meridian Road in Sanford) and Coleman Community High School (4951 N. Lewis Road in Coleman)

The alert is urgent, with officials telling residents to act immediately.

Threat severity level is being labeled as extraordinary with a threat to life or property.