Midland City Council to Change Large Waste Regulations and Landfill Fees

On Monday, Midland’s City Council met to discuss and vote on proposals for landfill fees and waste removal.

Two separate proposals, one for refuse removal and the other for landfill fee increases, were read at the meeting. Language and regulations were changed for the disposal of large waste. For the last five years, the city has not given services to remove asphalt, concrete, masonry rubble, or loose soil. Those services are being officially removed, due to a concern for damage caused to city equipment. Residents can bring those items personally to the landfill. 

Landfill fees are increasing to reflect the revenue needed to pay for proper disposal of waste. Types of waste have been put into new categories and fees are different for each. Karen Murphy, Director of Public Services, read the proposals. She says residents’ monthly allowance for personal waste will stay the same, as well as the cost for additional cubic yards of personal waste.

The city general fund will also be charged more each year for three years to catch up with disposal costs. The city pays $250,000 each year to the landfill, but it should be paying over a million.