Michigan Reaches 70% Vaccination Goal

The state of Michigan has released new numbers for the rate of vaccinated people ages 16 and older.

On Monday, November 15, the state reported about 70 percent, or nearly 5.7 million Michigan residents in that age category have gotten at least one shot of their COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccines began to be administered by the end of 2020, with the 70 percent goal set in hopes of achieving it before the end of 2021, which it has.

Despite vaccination efforts, COVID-19 remains a threat, especially among unvaccinated people. Health officials say 93.1 percent of new COVID cases and 90.5 percent of COVID deaths are among unvaccinated individuals. Mask wearing and social distancing are still encouraged as ways to slow the spread of the virus, especially as COVID-19 numbers begin to increase again..