Michigan Gets Reimbursed For Highway Repairs After Flood

Wednesday,  Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has awarded $50 million to reimburse Michigan for emergency road and bridge repairs made in 2020 after dam failures and flooding in mid-Michigan. Michigan was awarded one of the largest grants in the country, receiving nearly 10% of the $513 million awarded under the Emergency Relief Program.
The Governor said “This grant will bring federal taxpayer dollars back to Michigan and help us continue to fix the damn roads and bridges. In 2020, after historic flooding and dam failures, we took action to fix impacted roads and bridges, and I am grateful that Michigan is getting that money back.”
Following extensive flood damage caused by dam breaches in May 2020, nearly 30 roads and bridges across the region were closed and suffered damage. In Midland and Gladwin counties, three bridges within a 2-mile distance were closed to traffic after being washed away. US-10 at Sanford Lake was also closed to traffic due to extreme scour of bridge piers and the bridge approaches being washed away. For the following two years, MDOT has been working closely with FHWA, the Midland County Road Commission, and the village of Sanford to reestablish mobility across Midland and Gladwin counties.

These photos show U.S. 10 over Sanford Lake after it was repaired.  The  other  shows damage to the M-30 Bridge before repairs were made.