Michigan Farmers Gather to Discuss Agriculture Policy

More than 400 Michigan farmers met this week in Grand Rapids to talk about policies they’d like to see implemented in the state government.

During the 103rd annual Michigan Farm Bureau meeting, delegates from around the state updated the policies that the organization will advocate for in the coming year. Topics discussed ranged from meat processing regulations to power line repair policy changes to voicing a desire for the Department of Natural Resources establish a Sand Hill Crane hunting season.

“This is our annual meeting, and this is where all of our members get together and discuss policy for the upcoming year. There are so many issues here that they get to weigh in on on how things are affecting their farms and how they would like to change it to make it better for not only their farms, but their rural communities.” Said Michigan Farm Bureau President Carl Bednarski, “They’re looking at some of the state issues. They’re looking at what the administration’s going to do. Solar is a big one, how we are going to address solar as it continuously moves into the state as an energy source. Also, taking a look at transportation, and also there’s a lot of environmental things that do pop up and they’re keeping a very close eye on.”

Bednarski says that the organization is ready to work with the new Democrat-led Michigan legislature, and that since agriculture is Michigan’s second-largest economy, it remains a top issue to policy makers in Lansing.