McLaren Bay Region has announced plans to privatize EMS services with the following statement:

June 24, 2020 — Medstar, Michigan’s most extensive and integrated 911 EMS and mobile healthcare provider, will become the ambulance provider for McLaren Bay Region and the surrounding communities. McLaren Bay Region has provided emergency transportation services to Bay County for over 40 years. The transition will take place August 30, 2020.

“We recognize the commitment of McLaren Bay Region and the EMS employees over the last four decades, and look forward to building on that legacy with expanded services, additional vehicles, and new equipment,” says Kolby Miller, Medstar CEO. “Medstar will also extend its EMT and nationally-recognized Paramedic education programs into Bay County as part of our training and workforce development initiatives. We look forward to welcoming the personnel from McLaren Bay Region into positions serving Bay County, as well as adding additional shifts and personnel.”

“As EMS and mobile healthcare become more sophisticated and complex, there is a need for specific experience and knowledge to insure quality care,” said Clarence Sevillian, President and CEO of McLaren Bay Region Hospital. “We know that it’s no longer just about “providing ambulance service,” and that Medstar has a unique and proven history of community service and innovations in care. Transitioning our EMS operations to Medstar will ensure our that our team members can continue to provide the best care available to our patients, communities, and facilities, while working with best equipment and resources available.”

The transition will also extend Medstar LifeFlight’s air medical services to critically ill and injured patients in Bay County. Medstar is the only EMS agency in lower Michigan with an air medical flight partnership.

Medstar plans to meet with McLaren Bay EMS personnel, as well as community and emergency services leaders in the coming weeks; and work closely with hospital leadership to ensure a seamless transition.