McLaren Visitor Policy Returns to Pre-pandemic Guidelines

Due to a significant decline in COVID-19 cases, McLaren Bay Region and  McLaren Bay Special Care are returning to pre-pandemic visitor policies.

“This is a huge milestone for us, marking the first time we have reverted our visitor policy back to our normal pre-pandemic guidelines since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic almost two years ago,” said Norman Chapin, MD, Chief Medical Officer at McLaren Bay Region. “We are excited to make this change for our patients. We understand the important role family and friends play in the healing process, and we are grateful for the declining COVID-19 numbers in our community which have made this change possible.”

Regular visiting hours for McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Bay Special Care are 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Guidelines may vary by department, notably Behavioral Health, ICU/NICU/CCU, and Inpatient Rehab, but each is established in the best interest of the patient. It is important to mention children are permitted with proper adult supervision except as noted in each area. “If you are unsure of visitor restrictions for a specific department, we welcome you to call ahead,” said Chapin.

All visitors are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

Prior approval by the patient’s nurse must be received before bringing in any type of food, beverage or medication.

No smoking regulations must be observed.

Visitors are requested to maintain the common courtesy of no more than two visitors per patient at one time. Special circumstances will be considered.

When a physician or other member of the hospital staff arrives, visitors may be requested to leave the patient’s room, which allows the patient to have privacy and efficiency of care. However, visitors may stay in the room if requested by patient and provider.

Clergy may visit at any time the patient wishes.

Visitors will be requested to observe hospital quiet time from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms, will be required to adhere to the established Personal Protective Equipment policy at each hospital, and must wear a mask at all times, including while in the patient’s room. Visitors who are observed not wearing a mask, may be asked to leave.

As the visitation policy changes, McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Bay Special Care will continue to keep patients and the community informed through their respective websites, and as well as on their social media platforms.