Marvin Beekman Award is Received by Saginaw ISD

This award comes from the Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MAASE) and is awarded annually. The award recognizes those who have proven themselves visionaries in the field and made significant contributions to their community and its students. 

Senkowski elaborates in thanks to the leadership before her and adds all the hard work is done for the students of the area.

“Receiving the Marvin Beekman Award is a humbling testament to the importance of believing that what seems impossible is always within our reach. To be recognized by my fellow special education administrators for the work to improve educational opportunities for students with disabilities only exemplifies the importance of being a voice for those who need it most. The Beekman is a powerful reminder that our students and educators can continue to thrive through our work as advocates, barrier-busters, and leaders.”

Erin Senkowski, Saginaw Intermediate School District announces Executive Director of Special Education

This recognition is the highest of the MAASE honors. Erin Senkowski has 19 years in the education field. She assumed her first leadership role in 2011 with the Saginaw ISD, where she served as the Special Education Supervisor assigned to the Freeland Community School District and Saginaw ISD Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program. In 2014, she was promoted to the Assistant Director of Special Education for the Saginaw ISD and then again promoted to the Executive Director of Special Education in August of 2016. She has also served as adjunct faculty at Central Michigan University in the Special Education Department.

Saginaw ISD serves 12 local school districts, five public school academies, and 22 non-public schools, with a total enrollment of approximately 26,000 students.