A state police trooper, a firefighter and three construction workers are credited with saving the life of a man at the Wixom Lake Dike Wednesday, May 27.

Police say two employees of Gerace Construction were electrocuted from a crane which touched electrical wires carrying more than 14,000 volts of electricity, according to the initial investigation. One of the men became unresponsive and stopped breathing.

Three other Gerace employees immediately began CPR while others sought help. Beaverton Township firefighter Dean Matthews arrived and administered CPR. Trooper Christopher Kustra of the Tri City Post arrived at the scene around 1:25 p.m. and deployed an AED, restarting the man’s heart and enabling him to breathe on his own.

Both men are listed in stable condition. Gerace Construction has expressed its gratitude for the life saving efforts of all involved.