Police said a call from a neighbor about a couple arguing outside of a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, led to the arrest of a man on sex trafficking charges

The man, identified as Steven Hurry, is also being charged with sexual abuse, aggravated assault, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct along with other charges.

The Scottsdale Police Department said they received a 911 call from a concerned neighbor on Dec. 26 and officers were sent to the residence. Police said that when they arrived, the unidentified woman said that Hurry had assaulted her during the argument, because she refused to have sex with a man arranged to come over. 

Police said the neighbors who called them said that something seemed “off” about Hurry and the woman, and said that men were seen coming in and out of the house every day. 

Police said the woman would later indicate she was being sexually trafficked by Hurry on a daily basis. 

Court documents said that Hurry hired the woman to be a housekeeper in California last May, according to CBS affiliate KPHO. He convinced the woman to move to Tucson, Arizona with him, KPHO reports, and took photos of her for a prostitution advertisement.

The two would later move to Scottsdale, where Hurry posted another prostitution advertisement, according to documents obtained by KPHO. The woman reportedly told police Hurry had restrained her and whipped her genitals at one point, according to KPHO.