A man was killed and five other people injured when a crash caused a building to partially collapse in Baltimore Wednesday night, CBS Baltimore reports.

Police said the crash happened shortly after 9 p.m. after a suspected stolen car took off “at a high rate of speed” as officers approached it. 

The car struck another vehicle near an intersection, sending both onto a sidewalk and into the building, causing the collapse.

A pedestrian identified as a 54-year-old man was pulled from the debris but pronounced dead on the scene, police said.

Scene of partial building collapse in Baltimore on night of Feb. 8, 2023.

CBS Baltimore

The injured were taken to hospitals, police said. Their conditions weren’t immediately known. 

First responders didn’t say whether the survivors were inside one of two vehicles when the building collapsed.

A special rescue team rushed to the collision site to stabilize the building and assist with the recovery process, according to the local firefighter’s union.

At least five medics were sent to the site as well, union officials said.

In addition, Baltimore police crash team investigators were dispatched, according to authorities.

“We’ll look at all the body-worn camera and any other video to see what in fact happened that caused the vehicle to take off and cause this accident,” Baltimore police Deputy Richard Worley told reporters.