Man Charged With Drunk Driving for ATV Cash that Killed Wife

An Albee Township man faces drunk driving charges after the death of his wife from a crash.

Jeremy Kelbey appeared in Saginaw County District Court for arraignment on counts of operating an off-road vehicle while intoxicated causing death; operating an off-road vehicle while intoxicated with a passenger 16 or younger; and assaulting, resisting, or obstructing police.

Saginaw County Sheriff’s deputies responded shortly after 5:40pm on November 23rd to the reported crash near Gasper Road in Albee Township.

The couple and their four-year-old child were riding the side-by-side style ATV through a field when Mr. Kelbey swerved sharply to avoid a ditch but lost control.

48-year-old Colleen Kelbey was killed after being thrown from the vehicle.

First responders pronounced Mrs. Kelbey dead at the scene due to severe head trauma. Her husband and their child were unharmed.

Kelbey has been released on bond, which was set at $15,000 cash-surety or 10%, with pre-examination scheduled for December 7th.