Man Charged In “Horrible” Animal Abuse Case

A Genesee County man convicted in the past of domestic violence is now charged with animal abuse.

Anthony Jackson is accused of neglecting two bull mastiffs, Papa Black and Mama Blue, for years with severe paw infections. The dogs were diagnosed with pododermatitis, a painful infection in the feet. Police say Jackson refused to treat the dogs on the advice of a veterinarian. In 2022, Jackson’s home burned down, and while he stayed in a hotel, police say the dogs were left to fend for themselves for more than a year on that property.

The dogs were eventually rescued on May 30. Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson says their condition was so far gone the only option was to amputate all four paws of both dogs. Mama Blue and Papa Black were instead gracefully euthanized. Jackson is currently free on bond on two counts of cruelty to animals, killing, and torture, a four year felony.