Police have arrested one of three men wanted in connection with a series of drugging deaths and robberies in New York City. Jacob Barroso, 30, faces murder, robbery, grand larceny, identity theft and conspiracy charges, police announced Sunday.

Jayqwan Hamilton, 35, and Robert Demaio, 34, are still being sought by police in connection with the crimes.

Police allege that all three men are connected to a “citywide robbery pattern” that encompasses at least 17 incidents that occurred between September 2021 and August 2022. These incidents include the deaths of Julio Cesar Ramirez, 25, and John Umberger, 33. 

Roughly five weeks apart, both men were drugged, robbed and then died after leaving gay bars in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Both men were seen leaving the bar with multiple strangers, according to CBS New York.

At least one other person, Shane Hoskins, has been indicted in connection with the crimes. Court documents allege that Hoskins was part of a plot to approach intoxicated people leaving nightclubs, engage them in conversation and then offer them incapacitating drugs so “their ability to perceive events became diminished” and they could rob the victims of their “phones and credit cards” or other property. 

Hoskins was facing multiple counts that include robbery, conspiracy, grand larceny and identity theft.

Several other people were indicted along with Hoskins, but their names and the charges against them were sealed and redacted in court documents obtained by CBS News. It was not immediately clear if Barroso, Hamilton or Demaio were among those whose names had been redacted.

—Gina Martinez, Kerry Breen and Cara Tabachnick contributed reporting.