Neighbors in a St. Louis suburb are seeking answers after a rash of animal killings they believe are deliberate and the work of the same person. In one instance, the suspect allegedly hit a Great Dane puppy with his vehicle on purpose, killing it, reports CBS St. Louis affiliate KMOV.

The owner of the puppy, Jason Fincher, said his wife witnessed the incident. “She will swear to it, that she stood right here and watched that man swerve and hit that dog,” Fincher told KMOV. The Finchers live in the Warren County neighborhood.

Fincher added that the man suspected of killing his dog, named Blue, had been caught on camera vowing to do just that. 

Another neighbor’s pet was a victim, as well. Ashley Kindschi’s indoor cat, Ralph, accidentally got out and was fatally shot with an arrow.

Police were called for both incidents and reports were written. KMOV obtained copies of those reports.

In Blue’s death, the man allegedly responsible claims it was an accident. A deputy added that there was no evidence to indicate the man swerved to hit the dog.

The investigation into Ralph’s death is ongoing. Kindschi said she saw the man walking through her yard that day and even saved the arrow in a bag in case authorities need to fingerprint it for evidence. 

Neighbors were discouraged by the police response, however. “They said there is nothing they can do, because there are no laws out here in Warren County that can really have anything to do with it,” Fincher told KMOV.

Bob Baker, with the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, disagrees and claims killing animals is a “Class A misdemeanor.”

“It’s a very serious offense,” Baker told KMOV.

Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison declined an interview with KMOV and claimed he had nothing to add to the story.