▶ Watch Video: Lyft driver allegedly attacked by passenger calls for policy changes

A rideshare driver is speaking out after he was allegedly attacked when picking up a potential customer. He and rideshare advocates want the policies changed so this never happens again, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Th incident happened outside a bar in Jurupa Valley in the Riverside County region of Southern California in the early hours of August 1, per CBS LA. A dashcam video caught Ye Lu’s call to 911.

“I think I will die, I think I will die,” Lu can be heard saying to the operator. “I’m a Lyft driver.”

The incident started because Lu didn’t want the rider putting his belongings in the back seat of his car, and he had too much to fit in the trunk. Fabios Bar, where the incident took place, said the rider was DJing there hours before.

Ye Lu said his car was too small to carry the passenger with the equipment, and that’s when he claims the suspect attacked him.

“He started using a microphone stand to hit my head,” said Ye Lu. “I got six or seven stitches.”

Eleven days later, the stitches have been removed, but the fear still lingers for Ye Lu.

“I drive for a rideshare company for almost five years now; I never thought this happen to me,” said Ye Lu.

Ye Lu is expected to receive some assistance from Lyft for medical bills and repairs to his car. But he and rideshare driving advocates said it is not enough to cover his full expenses, with an estimated $8,000 total, including time off from work.

“I’m not driving right now because I’m scared this could happen again,” Ye Lu explained.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department arrested the man at the time of the attack for assault with a deadly weapon.