Lock It or Lose It Campaign Kicks Off

LockItorLoseIt2016-2-localThe 6th annual Lock It or Lose It theft prevention campaign kicks off today in Saginaw Township.

The campaign is a collaboration between the Saginaw Township Police Department (STPD), Saginaw Bay Underwriters and Frankenmuth Insurance to remind people to lock their vehicles after removing valuables from them. Between 2001 and 2010, Saginaw Township saw an average of 220 thefts from vehicles every year. Since the campaign began in 2011, those numbers decreased significantly.

STPD Crime Prevention Specialist Chris Fredenburg says while their efforts are focused in the township, the crime affects the entire Great Lakes Bay Region.

“No neighborhood is immune from this crime. So to have a collaboration of partnering with businesses, even outside of the township in other communities to get this word out, we see as being very vital.”

Fredenburg says common items stolen from vehicles include medications, LockItorLoseIt2016 2 localmobile phones and tablets, purses, wallets and even firearms. He says the last is especially troubling as it puts stolen weapons on the street.

STPD Chief Don Pussehl says while there isn’t anything to prevent a thief to break into a locked vehicle, it doesn’t happen very often.

“We’ve seen over the years, very rarely do we have vehicles that are actually… windows broken out of, broken into to get into the valuables. A break in the window is going to cause attention, cause noise, and that may alert the resident, may alert a dog or may alert a neighbor.”

Pussehl says this year’s message is “stay vigilant.” He says this means reporting suspicious activities to police. He says to take a look outside every so often to ensure your neighborhood is safe.



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