Local State Senator Backs New Concealed Guns In Schools Bill

November 9, 2017

State Senator Jim Stamas is supporting what he calls balanced Concealed Pistol License reforms that would protect residents’ Second Amendment rights while also prohibiting people from “open carrying” guns into gun free zones.

The Midland Republican explained C-P-L holders in Michigan can currently open carry a firearm into weapon free zones like schools, churches and sports arenas. Stamas says Senate Bills 584 to 586 would prohibit C-P-L holders from open carrying firearms into gun free zones, but allow enhanced C-P-L holders with additional training to carry a concealed weapon instead.

Stamas added private property owners could determine for themselves whether to allow weapons on their property and local school districts could prohibit employees and students from carrying guns into their schools. The legislation now goes to the State House for consideration.



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